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Make a difference Make a healthier world with the power of tea! Share and sell your new tea while gaining life long customers. You'll be changing a lot of lives. Sell online When you become a consultant you receive your own consultant link! You will automatically be compensated for all sales made with your link. Invite friends Its more fun with friends! As your business grows people will admire and want a flexible business like yours. Luckily you can sponsor others!

Earn income The second you become a consultant you start a business. Start earning extra income on your own time. The sky;s the limit! Have freedom Work for yourself! You are the boss. Being self employed is more than a status symbol, its total freedom. Here for you We're here for you! We strive to make you a successful entrepreneur. We're always on stand by plus we have a ton of tools to help you succeed! Join the tes! Tea has quietly become the most consumed beverage in the world! In fact, 150,000,000 people drink tea everyday. Join the tea movement!

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