About TeaCopia

Why does TeaCopia work?  As you probably are already aware there are thousands of direct sales companies in America.  We looked long and hard at each model and the products as well as compensation plans and found that for the majority at the end of the day it was more work than profit.  Many do not have a residual repeat mechanism or customers. Once the product is sold you need to find a new customer.  Or the products are too expensive that friends and family will indulge you once or twice but quickly won’t continue to support you. IE Pampered Chief offers nice products but how many parties can you throw and many of the products can be purchased at a fraction of the price at Bed bath and beyond.  Teacopia would be similar to a vitamin supplement business.  Millions and millions of people pay a lot of money each month for supplements and the more natural the more expensive, but they pay. Teacopia.com tea gives you a wonderful easy product to sell that will help friends, relatives, co-workers pretty much anyone who is looking for all-natural safe remedies. Not only do you know people now who could benefit from our herbal teas you can attend farmers markets, craft fairs, wellness fairs, fund raisers, PTA’s, sporting events the list is endless as are the possibilities.  We are offering a lifestyle health and wellness business based on the amazing all-natural properties of Tea.  It’s a vehicle that will allow you to apply all you sales and entrepreneurial skills in a fun win win business with unlimited real income potential not just extra money for grocery’s at the end of the

What makes TeaCopia tea different from other teas?  Tea grows on mountains all around the world and premium tea comes from the very highest altitudes creating the most potent and most flavorful teas. Because there is less land at the top of these mountains there is less harvest and less to go around making it more expensive. Super market or bulk tea comes from the bottom of the mountain with lowest grade and very little potency or flavor. 

Why tea vs supplements?   Teas is completely 100% natural and has been known for thousands of year for its medicinal properties. For example, with our Arthritis tea we add herbs like Turmeric or Ginger root to further enhance the potency and effectiveness and anti-inflammatory properties. Supplements are bound together with fillers and bi-products making them impure.