The Founders

Our Story

  How was TeaCopia started? When I was in High School I started a small side business, on the weekends I would attend farmer markets and craft fairs selling hand warmers. After a while I was thinking of what else I could possibly sell. My father and I were talking about the possibilities and I asked, “what about tea?” We started talking and decided we would find a way to make really good tasting tea’s, as a tea lover I was super excited. While we were researching the subject of blending tea’s we had a eureka moment. We were just talking about how unattractive, unhealthy and unnatural pills are. We thought, why not make tea’s with special ingredients known for helping with certain ailments. So that’s what we did and that’s how our side tea business was started.

Our first craft fair we sold out within an hour, it was an amazing feeling. We went to farmer markets every weekend. Over time people kept asking if we are a direct selling company and how they could become a part of TeaCopia. We brain stormed on how to give people the same opportunity. We decided that the Direct Selling model would be the best way to share the fun! We launched officially on December 5th. By January 1st we hit 500 consultants.