About The Tea

Where is the tea from?

The ingredients are sourced from all around the world and blended in the United States.

How do the Tea's help with Aliments?

Its very simple! For an example, our Arthritis Tea contains Turmeric Root. Which is a known anti-inflammatory. It’s found in supplements for Arthritis Relief because it helps with Arthritis. So we put all natural health remedies and tea together to create an extremely healthy, incredible tasting beverage!

Can I drink the tea even if I don't have an aliment?

Absolutely! For example, you don’t need to have arthritis to drink the Arthritis Tea. You can drink it just for it’s amazing taste. Drinking the arthritis tea can prevent arthritis from ever occurring!

Difference between our tea and supermarket brands?

There are different quality’s in tea’s. The “supermarket” brand tea’s harvest from the bottom of the mountain. Tea’s grown on the bottom are just “bulk” low grade leaves. TeaCopia harvest’s only from the top of the mountain where leaves are a higher quality. 

Does our tea come in Tea Bag's or Loose Leaf?

All our Health & Wellness tea’s come in Tea Bag’s. The reason for this is to make life easier! Not everyone has an infuser to brew tea. But… With the quality of our tea and the proccess we use to create our tea bags ensures an abundance of flavor.

Are they Organic?

We are a new company. That being said we are working on having all our tea’s USDA Certified. As of right now our Detox Tea is USDA Certified Organic. All our tea’s are All-Natural, Gluten & GMO free. 

Have a question not listed?

Ask your Consultant or contact Support@TeaCopia.com