How do I enroll in the TeaCopia Consultant Program?

To become a TeaCopia consultant you must go to the Become a Consultant page and follow the process. We offer one kit that comes with everything needed to start your business. The kit is $99.95

How much can I earn?

That’s up to you! Lets put it like this, if you’re selling at farmer markets, consultants can usually sell 100+ bags in one day. That would be around $798 in your pocket! Imagine if you do one farmer market a week! And that’s not including all of your sponsors. If you sponsor people you’ll receive a sponsor bonus on each of their sales! Click (here) to view the commission plan!

Do I need sales experience?

Almost all Consultants begin with no sales experience. It doesn’t require much effort on your part, the tea sells itself! If you’ve ever been to a farmer market or anything alike. What sells the most? It’s mostly food related! People will smell your tea brewing a mile away!

Do I need inventory?

Inventory is a great idea. Especially for cash and carry events but, its not totally necessary.

What if I don't know much about the Products?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! With online product information and other info on the Consultant Back Office you’ll be a rock star in no time!

Do I have the time to do this?

If you can take one day a week to sell, you will do great for yourself! And if you have zero time you can work on sponsoring others to build up your sponsor commission bonuses. There are so many great ways to be successful!

Commission Plan
More about the Commission Plan

Lets talk about the Ranks. What are Ranks? The Ranks are different commission percentages, the higher the Rank the higher the commission. Its important to note that Rank commissions only affect your Website. No matter your Rank you are, you can still buy wholesale at a 40% discount. Also the higher the rank, the more Down Line Levels you are eligible to.

Whats PV? PV is personal Volume. 1PV = $1.00

Whats GV? GV is something you will see in the dashboard in the “Your Down Line” tab. GV is Group Volume. 1GV = $1.00

Monthly Fees? There are none!

Monthly Quota? No minimums!

What if i’m Consultant Rank and don’t meet the 35PV quota? The 35PV is for commission eligabilty, you will not lose your rank or enrollment.


Where should I start?

A great place to start advertising and making sales is Facebook and other social media platforms. Its simple as making a post showing your teas along with a link to purchase! But the best place to make sales is farmer markets and other local events. If you’ve ever been to a market, you have probably noticed food is always the top seller and tea applies!

Can I make sales online?

Yes! You receive your own Duplicate Website. You are compensated for all sales made on your site. You can find your website link in the Back Office.

How much investment is needed to start my business?

We like to keep it simple and affordable. It costs $99 to start your business, whats better than that?!? The $99 kit comes with everything needed to start and grow your business.

How long does it take to make money?

Soon as you’re a consultant you can start earning!

Do I need to sponsor people to make money?

You can earn money through product sales without ever sponsoring another Consultant into your business. However, sponsoring people will allow you to earn more with less effort by taking advantage of sponsor bonues. Plus its more fun with friends!

Home & Online Parties

There are two types of Parties. In person Tea Parties and Online Tea Parties. In Person Tea Parties you need inventory and Online Parties you use your Event Link.

Host Reward 

  • $100 to $200 in sales: $11.97 Reward
  • $201 to $300 in sales: $23.94 Reward 
  • $301 to $400 in sales: $35.91 Reward 
  • $401 to $500 in sales: $47.88 Reward 
  • $501 to $600 in sales: $59.85 Reward 
  • $601+ in sales: $71.82 Reward

How do I create an Online Tea Parties?

Go to your Back Office > Order Center > Create Online Tea Party.

How do I create a In Person Tea Parties?

You don’t need to do anything. 

How do I receive the Host Rewards?

Online Party Host Rewards are automatically sent to you. You will then need to purchase with the Reward funds the Host’s desired products. 

In Person Parties you will need to go to the Host Reward Form here – We will need to confirm by your recent Wholesale Purchases and Online purchases.


How do I get to my back office?

Look for “Consultant Area Login” on It can be found at the very top of the website on the right side. On mobile it can be found in the right side drawer menu.

How do I receive Commission?

We send commissions to your PayPal Account. If you do not have a PayPal please create one so we can send payments.


Purchase Inventory for your shows or parties at wholesale pricing. Sell at suggested full retail and make an immediate 40% profit margin.

Do I receive commission on my downlines Wholesale Purchases?

Yes! You are sent sponsor commissions based on your Rank. 

Do Wholesale purchases effect my rank?

Yes, for example if you are Consultant Rank and purchase $150 in Wholesale, that will bring you to Bronze Rank.

Taking in person orders without inventory?

If you are going to a local event without inventory, you can take orders. Have customers fill out an order form. After the event go to Wholesale Purchase in your Back Office. Choose which products are needed. If you collected Cash, pay for product yourself, if they wrote down their billing info, use their billing info at checkout to charge them. For shipping info, put their address and we will ship their products to them.

Dashboard tab

The “Dashboard” tab is an overview of all your stats. It will show your commissions, web traffic, orders, team count and your website URL. Plus more.

Your Downlines tab

The “Your Downlines” tab will show you all your personal sponsors and their sponsors. You can see all your downlines information, such as Email and Phone Number. You will also be able to see GV, Group Volume. Group volume is how much your team has done in sales. 1GV = $1.00

Your Account Info tab

You can add all your info. Some of which will be shown on your website so customers can contact you.

Customers tab

The “Customers” tab will show you all your sales and purchasers information.

Money tab

The “Money” tab will show you all your commissions and they’re payment status. If you see a payment status Approved Auto: Batch. It means it was sent to you.

Leads tab?

The “Leads” tab will show you your contact form entry’s. If someones fills out your contact form on your website, this is where you can view it.

Social Links tab

The “Social Links” tab is where you can enter your Social Media Outlets. All entry’s will be shown on your website.

Tracker tab

The “Tracker” tab will show you where your customers are going on your website.

Order Center tab

The “Order Center” tab is where you can make wholesale purchases, create an online party, choose payment method and view your order history.

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